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Written by Mike Green   
Monday, 13 November 2006

Event photography

Organising an event is never easy. Have you ever been to an event and just assumed there would be a photographer there to capture the moment only to discover that there isn't? A picture taken on a camera phone will serve to remind you of the moment but for professional images that can be used in the press and for your marketing, you need to use the professional service RCV Photography offers to market leaders as well as local businesses, authorities, charities and youth projects with the same professionalism and attention to detail.

Capturing images of the people attending your event and making sure you have good publicity shots to pass onto the press is never easy for you or your staff with an inexpensive digital camera. Good event photography has to be capable of covering your event without being invasive. We are used to shooting in difficult conditions and are used to being discrete. We often get asked to cover events that the press aren’t invited to and our shots often end up in the papers. Provide the press with good images and more importantly a picture with a unique angle and they are likely to publish it, this means editorial for you or your company that would cost you thousands if you had to pay for it.

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