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Written by Mike Green   
Monday, 13 November 2006

Any photography involving a model can be called Glamour Photography.

Portfolio shots

When we produce a portfolio, we will take a look at a range of agencies that represent your niche and produce a generic portfolio that is perfect for any agency; we will also find a creative way of making you stand out from the crowd. We shoot a lot of portfolio shots for people in the entertainment industry and we know from experience that a good portfolio will generate work, without one you have very little chance. A lot of agencies will do the photography for you or insist on a particular photographer. There are some reasons for this, each agency has its own style and will want your images to represent them in a good light, to do this they may have a photographer set up to shoot just the way they want. The down side is that they often will not give you the shots, leaving you in the same position with the next agency. You also have to consider whether or not you will have any control over those images. If you leave one agency and go to another do you want your last agency to be selling your pictures to the highest bidder or implying that they discovered you?

We photograph a lot of models for all sorts of different assignments and it is vital to get the legal stuff right. If you use a member of staff to model a hat and he or she is identifiable in any way, you must have a model release form to use the shot. It may seem unimportant but if they leave your company and you have built the whole brand around that image, you could find yourself in a very difficult not to say expensive position. Make the right decision - call us now and we will arrange for a top quality portfolio to be created for you.


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