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Written by Mike Green   
Sunday, 03 December 2006

Portraiture follows fashion more than any other form of photography. It's the one form almost everyone uses whether it's a picture of your grandparents, your child or a happy snap on a mobile. Take a look at your gallery - are there gaps? Are there pictures that aren't there that ought to be? Your family pictures should be so powerful that everyone wants a copy! Not an easy task as lot of people hate having their picture taken - it only takes one bad experience to make someone camera shy.

  "Good portraiture should involve a rapport between the photographer and subject"

Unless the subject is relaxed, it's not going to be easy to get a really top-notch shot. We go to a lot of effort to create that rapport and often find our clients are surprised by the results. As well as helping sitters to relax and get the best out of a session, we take a creative approach to the whole subject. Sure, we can do the whole juggling ball thing that's in vogue now, but perhaps more importantly, we take the time to get the mood, the lights and the setting just right so that you can have a portrait to be proud of.

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